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Rivell Managed IT Services

  • WordPress
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Custom CSS
  • Social Media Integration
  • SEO
  • SSL

The Challenge

The technology guru's at Rivell needed an online presence that mirrored their love and dedication to the customers they so proudly serve. With technology ever changing Rivell wanted stay ahead of the curve and partnered with South Jersey Web Design to create a useful and dynamic online user experience. When the Rivell came to South Jersey Web Design, they expressed a need for a platform that offers a one-stop site for real-time IT support, client ticketing support, activity logs, and more. They also wanted the site to have a new, modern and welcoming design that is well organized for users to easily navigate through.


Mobile User Experience

Our menu solution is completely unique in design. Their mobile menu needed to be jam-packed and able to handle a huge amount of information. Usually the jump-to solution is “put it in a Hamburger Menu”. So we sketched, wireframed, prototyped, sketched again and finally nailed it.


The Insights

Through a bespoke and collaborative approach, we worked with in-house teams and redesigned and built a responsive site. This included developing a UI Kit with a long-term focus, that would allow for a more efficient way of working.

Having access to the website intensive insight into how customers wanted to use the site, as we could see where they were clicking. This allowed us to take justified risks and create a user-friendly redesign that improved the way people were already using the site without disrupting their experience.

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